My heart pains & bleed for the seventeen yr old girl from Cork,Ireland who took away her life because her rapist was set free and she was humiliated in the court..her rapist was found not guilty by the jury because they paid more attention to what she was wearing than to what she was saying. Her underwear was consider as an evidence “of consent” by the defending lawyer & jury because she was wearing a lace underwear & not a normal one. Jury in their verdict said ” It’s very important to see what the girl was wearing.” What an irony?? The way she dress up & the type of underwear she wears will be term as her consent but her words will not be given any value.

Respected jury & barrister of the rapist you should understand one thing: wearing a lace underwear or not wearing an underwear at all, wearing short dresses or walking naked down the street, being a prostitute or being your wife..nothing of these should be consider as a ‘consent’… you are not allowed to disrupt her intimate space just because you feel like that it’s a consent….

‘NO’ is not a consent..’Wait’ is not a consent..’Stop’ is not a consent..’Please’ is not a consent..when she says “YES! I m ready for this intimate moment between us” that’s what a consent is. Be it men or be it women stop judging a rape victim by “what she wears” or “how she wears”.

Daughters of the barrister (of the accused) & jury should be very careful in their homes because you never know if they saw their daughters wearing a laced underwear or walking naked in their room or bathroom, they may attack their own daughters or may sold them off in a brothel because according to them that counts as an ” invitation” & “consent”.

We are in 2018 : in an advanced & technological world & still girls are being characterize & judge according to their dresses..

“Narrow minded” society or I say “Men dominated” society won’t change this set of minds but we “females” can.. “Feminist” does not only mean getting a seat in the bus or getting ahead in a queue. It means standing with each other against this poisonous thinking. The movement that has been started should not be stopped just after this case, it need to be in constant action & very much in debate..If we need a better society, better world for ourselves and our daughters then we must be the change & we must bring the change.

It’s high time that “women” take responsibility of their own safety & of their own “JUSTICE”


Letter to “Kedarnath ” makers

Dear Kedarnath makers,

Kedarnath is much more than a stupid love story. It’s about how many innocent people lost their lives. It’s about how many people saw their parents, wife, husband, kids, siblings, friends die in front of thier own eyes. It’s about how many skeleton were still found after a year of this horrific calamity. It’s about how many people are still waiting for their loved ones, how many people still after five year of this incidence didn’t get any proper closure….they are still stuck in middle of whether to wait for their loved ones to return or considered them dead. It’s about the village in Mandakini valley below Kedarnath whose 99% men are dead as they were working in Kedarnath & now all left behind is their widows, mothers, sisters & orphaned children. It’s about how the world saw good & evil on the same day..how some people left their jobs in cities & went to Kedarnath to help the people out there & how some shopkeepers & dhaba wala charge five hundred rupees for one chapati. ..even snatch ornaments of the women.

It’s about how our Indian Army carried their rescue mission while facing the wrath of the nature. It’s about how many people were left homeless & how many had to leave their native place.

It’s about how people of Uttrakhand survived after this..how they started their lives from mere ashes.

It’s about nature’s warning to stop meddling with it.

And above all it’s about the horrific nightmares that still haunts the people of Uttrakhand.

Your this movie seems to be insensitive towards the pain and suffering of the people of Uttrakhand. It’s not only insensitive but offensive too.

For once meet all the survivors of Uttrakhand Flood 2013.

I hope after that you all will be able to look at yourself in the mirror.

With regards,

People of Uttrakhand